How to Write Anything by Laura Brown, PhD

“Laura Brown’s ability as a writing coach is unparalleled, and How to Write Anything offers the best of her guidance.”

–Robert C. Daugherty, Executive Chair,

Welcome to How to Write Anything! This site is devoted to helping you with all the writing tasks life sends your way. Explore the free writing resources, read the blog, and learn about consulting and speaking services, and learn about the book How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide.

About the Book

How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide is a practical resource for everything you’ll ever have to write–at work, at school, and in your personal life. The book contains over 200 entries covering the most common writing tasks you’ll encounter. Each entry includes model outlines, annotated examples, and dos-and-don’ts.

Writing in Your Personal Life includes helpful tips spanning thank you notes, apologies, wedding invitations, notes to teachers, condolence messages,  and obituaries.

Writing at School covers the basics of note taking and bibliographies, the compare/contrast essay, lab reports, and school newspaper articles. It also offers tips on written communications for the academic environment, such as e-mails requesting a recommendation from a teacher or professor.

Writing at Work contains advice on expected communiqués such as résumés and business e-mails, and it also includes forms such as the business apology, instant message, interview follow-up, Facebook status update, and resignation letter.

Useful, clear, and encyclopedic, this book is an essential guide for every household. Written with an open, accessible style and designed for the way we communicate today, How to Write Anything is destined to become a modern classic.

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"Now this is a reference book worth owning!" Entertainment Weekly, May 9, 2014.

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“Laura Brown has written the ultimate guide for anyone who needs to create clear, concise, and compelling written communications. Students, business people, and even seasoned professional writers should keep it handy, right between their dictionary and thesaurus.”

-- Michael Snell, Literary Agent, Writing Collaborator, and author of FROM BOOK IDEA TO BESTSELLER

"How to Write Anything is an invaluable guide to powerful writing that influences readers. If your job or your business depends on delivering clear messages with impact, you need this book."

-- Professor Bernd Schmitt, Columbia Business School